Saniter, Ernest Henry

Saniter, Ernest Henry
SUBJECT AREA: Metallurgy
b. 1863 Middlesbrough, England
d. 2 November 1934 Rotherham, Yorkshire
English chemist and metallurgist who introduced a treatment to remove sulphur from molten iron.
Saniter spent three years as a pupil in J.E.Stead's chemical laboratory in Middlesbrough, and then from 1883 was employed in the same town as Assistant Chemist at the new North-Eastern Steelworks. In 1890 he became Chief Chemist to the Wigan Coal and Iron Company in Lancashire. There he devised a desulphurizing treatment for molten iron and steel, based upon the presence of abundant lime together with calcium chloride. Between 1898 and 1904 he was in the Middlesbrough district once more, employed by Dorman Long \& Co. and Bell Brothers in experiments which led to the establishment of Teesside's first large-scale basic open-hearth steel plant. Calcium fluoride (fluorspar), mentioned in Saniter's 1892 patent, soon came to replace the calcium chloride; with this modification, his method retained wide applicability throughout the era of open-hearth steel. In 1904 Saniter became chief metallurgist to Steel, Peech \& Tozer Limited of Sheffield, and he remained in this post until 1928. Throughout the last forty years of his life he participated in the discussion of steelmaking developments and practices.
Principal Honours and Distinctions
Vice-President, Iron and Steel Institute 1927–34. Iron and Steel Institute (London) Bessemer Gold Medal 1910.
1892. "A new process for the purification of iron and steel from sulphur", Journal of the Iron and Steel Institute 2:216–22.
1893. "A supplementary paper on a new process for desulphurising iron and steel", Journal of the Iron and Steel Institute 1:73–7. 29 October 1892, British patent no. 8,612.
15 October 1892, British patent no. 8,612A. 29 July 1893, British patent no. 17, 692.
28 October 1893, British patent no. 23,534.
Further Reading
K.C.Barraclough, 1990, Steelmaking: 1850–1900 458, London: Institute of Metals, 271– 8.

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